Cheap Cargo Van Rental

No one wants to pay more than is necessary when they rent a cargo van. Whether you're moving from one city to another or even out of state, you want a van that is suitable for your needs yet affordable. Perhaps you need to haul band equipment to a gig, and don't want to pull a trailer or load up multiple cars. Whatever the reason, you can save money with proper planning. The tips below will help you rent a cargo van at the cheapest possible rate.

What size do you need?

There are various size options available in cargo vans, so it's important to know whether you need one that is 16 foot, 10 foot or one that is capable of hauling approximately 300 cubic feet or 3100 pounds. The larger cargo van you rent, naturally the more you will pay. Go online to learn more about the various options, and how many cubic feet of capacity they offer so that you will know well ahead of time what size you need.

Other factors to consider

While most people prefer one-way rental so that they can simply drop the cargo van off at a nearby location when they are through with it, returning it to the point of origin may be cheaper. Cargo van rental agencies often need their vans for other customers, and will offer a cheaper rate if you can return it to the location where you picked it up. On the other hand, some companies offer discounts if you do choose a one way rental, particularly those with drop-off locations in nearly every major city. The best thing to do is to check with the company and learn about the options, and which is cheaper.

How long will you need the cargo van? You may save money if you rent the cargo van for an extended time period, such as a week or more instead of a few days. Some rental agencies offer a cheaper rate per mile when you keep the van for a longer period of time. Be sure to find out if the rental company requires you to fill the fuel tank before you return it, as this will affect how much you spend.

Shopping online will often help you find cheap cargo van rental rates. By going online, you can compare the rates of those companies in your area or neighboring cities. Researching your rental online also allows you to look around for discount coupons and "daily deals." Additionally, if you are not on a limited time schedule you can wait for deals that are not in effect yet in order to lower your costs even further.

In a nutshell, the best way to get the cheapest possible cargo van rental is to know the size of the van you will need in advance, then research all of the available options, rates and special deals or discounts offered. These tips will help you get the cargo van you need at the best possible rate.